Press Portfolio Milano 2018

Dancing dog by Raja Schwahn-Reichmann

Once upon a time, there was a creature that appeared at feasts and made people wild – “Der Tanzlaubenhund” or ”Dancing dog,” as we call him. Sometimes he would remain hidden, but at other times he lets himself be seen…

“Normally, he lies under a bench and watches people, but sometimes he appears dancing on his hind legs. He can drive you mad, or make you passionate and wild with his evil eye… And so a peaceful feast can turn into a cruel fight or a destructive orgy,“ says Raja Schwahn-Reichmann about this malicious figure from Swiss fairy tales.

He is described as a dog who is as tall as a man, with only one eye as big as a plate shining upon his forehead. In his tangible form, he reminds us of another scary creature from our world – the Tasmanian Devil.

The figure of the dog is black. It is made of painted wood, but it´s his “magical” eye that draws one’s attention – the big glass eye stares deep inside you. Under his feet are scattered pieces of colorful glass of mysterious origin.

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Dancing dog for Lasvit: original painting and rendering


Omnia Vincit Amor, Milan Design Week 2016

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Paintings on wall and plywood

Sculptural works for an indoor pool in the Swiss alps